From: Coello <>
Subject: Newsletter #10 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear reader

First of all, we want to express our sincere gratitude to you, who have followed and cooperated with us in 2022. THANK YOU to Bavarian Nordic, TRYG, NBC, Sorø Privatskole, IKEA, BEC, Landbrugsstyrelsen, Miljø- og Fødevarerministeriet, Atheneskolen to mention a few. 

We feel super happy to welcome new customers, among others Ørsted and RVTS Sør from Norway, who have started cooperating with us and feel privileged that our existing customers choose to continue the relationship with us at Coello, asking for our services to create thriving and better workplaces. Below is a summary of Coello's business during 2022 and planned activities for 2023: 


Dare to Lead 

Open programs

2022, we have delivered three Dare to Lead full curriculum open programs. Many leadership programs end after the last day of the workshop. This is not the case for the Dare to Lead program facilitated by Coello. To make learning stick, we include a follow-up session to give Dare to Lead trained a chance to share learning and ask questions after they have started to put knowledge and tools in their daily lives. A huge advantage of being Dare to Lead trained is that you can continue learning with your team by sharing your experience from the training in a structured way. That way, courage-building knowledge reaches more people. Contact us if you are curious to learn more about the Daring Teams Roll-out program.   

2023, we offer three open Dare to Lead programs:

Dare to Lead 24-26/1 in Holte - The program is facilitated in Danish. Read more here.  

-  Dare to Lead in September - 3 days program in Danish, read more here

-  Dare to Lead in September - Online program in English, read more here

Programs for intact teams

In most of the Open Dare to Lead Programs,  we have had intact teams participating. The feedback from participating with the team has been fantastic. The power of learning and developing together in the program, building and strengthening the courage muscles together, cannot be underestimated. We welcome more teams to join the open programs with their teams or if preferred arrange for a company internal training. 


Dare to lead programs for organizations

In the challenging times, we are in, there are huge opportunities and challenges to deal with. More than ever, we need leaders who lead by their values, take the hard conversations and dare to show vulnerability. At Coello, we have seen an increased demand for Dare to Lead programs for intact teams across organizations. Please contact us for an open discussion on what this could mean for your business. 


Dare to Lead in coaching 

This autumn, we had the honor of being invited to present the Dare to Lead program for the Danish ICF chamber of coaches.

Please note that the Dare to Lead program facilitated by Coello is an approved program by ICF. This means that ICF coaches can earn 24 CCEUs by attending the program. 


Dare to Lead next step - Atlas of The Heart

Many of our Dare to Lead Trained have asked for the next step in the journey. The good news is that Coello offers two Dare to Lead next-step programs in February incorporating Dare to Lead and material from Atlas of The Heart, Brené Brown's latest research. If you are Dare to Lead Trained, there are still available seats.

Atlas of The Heart, is Brené Brown's latest book, mapping meaningful connection and deep diving into the language of emotions and human experience. If you are curious to learn more, please watch the Atlas of the Heart series on HBO.

 Atlas of the Heart

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to connecting with you in 2023.


All the best 

Inga and Elsebeth