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Subject: Newsletter #9 - Autumn greetings, news and inspiration


Dear reader,

In this newsletter, we will share the latest news from Coello and inspiration on courageous leadership and positive psychology. Going forward, we have decided to publish our newsletters in English, simply because we have many subscribers from different parts of the world and we have seen Scandinavian companies requesting information and materials in English. And yes, we will go all in and also translate our Coello webpage to English.  

About this newsletter

The following topics are shared in this newsletter:

  • Welcome to new subscribers
  • What is going on in Coello? 
  • Inspiration
  • Upcoming programs - 2023 (in Danish and English) incl. ICF accreditation + ICF event 
  • Dare to Lead programs for intact teams 


A warm welcome to all new subscribers to our newsletter! It is great to have you on board and we hope you will get inspired by the content.

What is going on in Coello?

In September 2022, we facilitated the 3-day Dare to Lead program for a fantastic group of people at Næsseslottet in Denmark. Congrats to all the new Dare to Lead Trained members!

Say hello to Sarah, one of the new Dare to Lead Trained, and the interview on her experience and outcomes from the program. Sarah testimonial 221103.pdf

All participants evaluate the Dare to Lead program, which is automatically shared with the Dare to Lead team in the US. From the team, we get a report with ratings and feedback. We are proud of our evaluations and the lovely feedback, we get from our participants. On average we get 4,8/5.0 in rating.


Dare to Lead programs and events 2023

All our open programs for 2023 are now published; Two Dare to Lead programs onsite in Danish, one online program in English, Dare to Lead Retreat incl. the latest research and Atlas of the Heart. 

If you are an ICF coach, you can get 12 CCE's and 12 RD's from attending the Dare to Lead Program (24 hours) facilitated by Coello approved. We are happy to have been invited to the ICF Denmark Network meeting in November to do a workshop with curious ICF coaches where we will share a few Dare to Lead tools.

During 2022, many companies have asked for a Dare to Lead Program for intact teams as they want to create a common language, get hands-on tools, and experience courageous leadership together. The feedback we have received from leaders participating with their own teams is fantastic; not only do they leave with a common foundation, skills, and tools but also with a commitment to continue the journey of courageous leadership together. 

A big thanks to those of you, who have chosen to continue developing courageous leadership with us - either by joining the retreat in Tisvilde or arranging further development for your intact teams. 

Positive Psychology Workshop and Lego Serious Play Global Community Meeting 

In September 2022, our yearly workshop on Positive Psychology for teachers took place. Sharing our knowledge with teachers and schools is very important for us. In fact, teachers are the most daring leaders among us! As Brené says: " What we are ethically called to do is create a safe space in our schools and classrooms where all students can walk in and, for that day or hour, take off the crushing weight of their armor, hang it on a rack, and open their heart to truly be seen."

October 2022, we participated in the yearly community meeting for Lego Serious Play facilitators (120 facilitators from 20 countries). 3 days of playing, learning, training, and connecting were simply fantastic! Among others, one of the top researchers on Positive Psychology, Hans Henrik Knoop, had a fantastic presentation about flow.

Please contact us at if you are curious to know more about Positive Psychology and/or how Lego Serious Play and flow are related.


Inspiration and resources

Brené Browns Unlocking Us Podcasts is a source of great inspiration and learning. 

If you have not yet participated in the Dare to Lead program there is still a chance for you to join already in January in Danish or in September in English. If you are Dare to Lead Trained you are welcome to join the Dare to Lead/Atlas of the Heart retreat in February in Tisvilde

Curious to get inspiration and examples of courageous leadership? Stay tuned, we will send the next newsletter in December.

Best regards