Dare to Lead

                                   Daring leaders who live into their values are never
silent about hard things 

Brené Brown

The Dare to Lead™ program is based on the research from Brené Brown and focuses on developing brave leaders and courageous cultures.  The program will help you become a braver leader, act more courageously and integrate vulnerability as strength to your business and daily life. Next program starts in January 2022. 

Dare to Lead ™ - based on Brené Brown´s research
Learn the four skill sets og courageous leadership
Get practicial and proven tools in the courage-building program

The world needs braver leaders who lead from a place of courage, selfcompassion and empathy. The world needs you!

Dr. Brené Brown points at behaviors and cultural issues that leaders identified as getting in the way for corageous leadership:

  • We spend an unreasonable amount of time                 managing problematic behaviors.          
  • We avoid tough conversations.
    • We rush into ineffective og unsustainable
            solutions rather than staying with problem
            identification and solving. 
  • We get stuck and defined by setbacks, 
          disappointments and failures. 
  • We avoid giving honest and productive feedback. 
    • Performance- and problematic behaviors are
            tolerated and ignored. 


The Dare to Lead program gives you the knowledge, skills and tools needed to implement  courageous leadership at work and in your daily life to increase trust, thrive and performance. 

Dare to Lead

You will learn the four skillsets of courage:

Rumble with vulnerability

Living into your values

Braving trust

Learning to rise

Tough conversations

You learn, how to manage perfectionism and fear, that prevent people from learning and growing in times of change or turbulence.  

Rising strong

You will learn how to rise after a fall or set-back and get the proven tools to practice corageous leadership at work and in life at home. 


 "The leadership course, I was looking for. To show vulnerability is a strength as a leader

and the course has brought more clarity to my role as a leader. " 

Helle Koch Jensen, Controller

Next step

You are almost there. Here are three simple steps to corageous leadership.

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"Courage is contageous. To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams and organizations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, and armor is not necessary or rewarded." Source: Brené Brown. 

Meet your facilitators


Inga Coello and Elsebeth Coello Hedberg are among the few Dare to Lead™ Certified Facilitators from the Nordics, educated directly by Dr. Brené Brown. We use exclusive materials only available in the Dare to Lead™ program. Coello has more than 20 years of experience from training leaders, teams and organisations. 

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Tre dage den 25.1.-27.1.22 i Ballerup + online intro og opfølgning i alt 4 timer

15 700 DKK

VAT excl.

Early bird 14 700 VAT ex moms


“Inga and Elsebeth, you work really well together”



“My expectation was to get more knowledge of vulnerability and to get tools that would strengthen my capabilities to show more vulnerability. Both parts were fulfilled - and much more!”